Neurokinesis was developed primarily for veterans suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Research has shown that PTSD is NOT a mental illness or an irreversible brain injury, but stems from a bioelectrical neural pathway that is caught in a loop of survival from moment to moment.

The Neurokinesis techniques are able to break that loop and let the brain create new healthy neural pathways.

They have been proven to be equally effective in breaking patterns that were engraved into the brain as far back as when the nervous system developed in the womb.

Neurokinesis is used to disengage negative emotional charges from memories. The memory of a past trauma, whether it is emotional, mental or physical, will still be there, but it will not have the emotional impact in the now anymore.

The techniques are incredibly powerful to address any issues that stem from unwarranted negative emotional reactions to situations in the present.

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Neurokinesis gives immediate and long-term symptom relief from:

  • Anxiety        –> You will be more calm and collected, you’ll sleep better

  • Depression  –> You will be happier and more joyful

  • PTSD            –> You will be able to deal with triggers and resume your life!

  • Stress           –> You will be more adaptible and efficient

  •  Anger           –> You will be more even tempered and able to deal with adversity

  • and more

Imagine a life free from past injuries, fears, or limiting beliefs. Imagine starting with a clean slate!

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