Client Testimonials

I am writing this letter to share my incredible coaching experience I have received with Irena.  I have been working with her for several months and have had a lot of success in my life.  I feel empowered to make the necessary changes in my life and to value myself.  I have been recovering from a horrible disease and Irena has helped shine the light on issues in myself that I had not seen.  Working with Irena has been a pleasure and I look forward to our call each week.  Her skills as a coach are incredible! She is kind, gentle in her coaching techniques and very loving. Her warmth makes the discoveries of change less scary and I am grateful for that.
Thank You Irena for your love and beautiful guidance along my journey!
Amanda B. Canada
Irena helped me work through some unresolved trauma that I didn’t even realize I was still carrying! She is very compassionate and caring as she helped me stop and collect myself throughout the process ~ she is a fabulous coach with the neurokinesis technique! Thanks for assisting me in this Irena!!
Jo-Anne O. Canada
First of all I want to thank Irena for being my Coach. She is very professional and compassionate. I did not know what to expect. She took the time to explain the program to me and how it works. That put me at ease. The NeuroYouth technique is wonderful. The intervention has helped me a lot. I not only use it to release the emotional attachments of past experiences, but in every day life if I become stressed. Using the technique has improved all aspects of my life. I keep finding more and more ways to apply the technique. I am truly grateful, Irena, for being my Coach. I have a much happier and calmer life.
Dee H. Iowa

Irena is a coach full of heart-felt wisdom and has deep knowledge about the Laws of Attraction. She helped me as I transitioned into living in a new city after having spent most of the year traveling, living abroad and out of a suitcase. She guided me gently, using the Law of Attraction. I was able to find a place to land that is what I need for now. I learned to be a magnet for what I desire and to trust the Universe. I am grateful for her insight, patience, wisdom and caring demeanor. I appreciate her time, energy and warm spirit. I am full of gratitude! Thank you.
Leilani L. Colorado